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Ciccio’s cuisine
Get to know the renown cuisine of Ciccio Sultano

Ciccio Sultano

Ciccio Sultano has gone on a culinary journey, picking up the finest ingredients and the most authentic seasoning along the way, and now he's ready to start a new chapter in his gourmet story here in Vienna. Following the successes of both his Michelin 2-star restaurant, Duomo, and his laid-back I Banchi in Ragusa, Sultano is making a new gastronomic mark with the opening of Pastamara, a stylish bar con cucina that reimagines classic Sicilian cuisine.
Expect refined flavours presented without fuss - from lemon granita and brioche in the morning, to swordfish with almond and pistachio crust in the evening - served at your table or at the bar. Ciccio Sultano doesn't strive to prove a point with his dishes; he lets the food itself do the talking. Alongside the food, guests can also expect fine Sicilian wines, single origin coffee, and of course a sumptuous aperitivo. From the first sip to the last mouthful, Sultano's eye for detail, and his carefully chosen selection of only the best ingredients, ensures a matchless dining experience.
  • Outstanding southern Italian cuisine at The Ritz-Carlton, Vienna. The concept comes from Ciccio Sultano, a two-star chef from Sicily. Aperitif: the Negroni trolley is meandered around the restaurant.
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