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  • Bar con Cucina
Pastamara - Enjoy the cuisine of star chef Ciccio Sultano at the Bar con Cucina
Call to Reserve: +43-1311-88150
The most well-travelled bean in the world. Cocoa has journeyed over the Atlantic to the Mediterranean, and now from those sunny climes it makes its way to the heart of Europe. Even its very shape - it looks like a Zeppelin - seems to have predestined the cocoa bean to long-distance travel. And with every passage it makes to our plates, it brings with it the taste of Sicily to Vienna.
Pastamara Octopus Dish
  • The Ritz-Carlton, Vienna / Schubertring 5-7, Vienna VIE 1010
  • Lounge Service (Beverage only) | Monday - Sunday 10:00 am - 05:00 pm

    Business Lunch | 11:30 am - 14:30 pm

    Dinner | Monday - Sunday 05:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Bar of Pastamara
In the heart of Vienna, yet somehow in another world…
Entering Pastamara from the lobby, you instantly feel the warmth of the décor; the colours and furnishings give off a laid-back vibe. Shades of olive and terracotta, paired with elements of wood and leather exudes Mediterranean flair, round off the contemporary interior - the work of renowned design studio Tarruella Trenchs. Enjoy a relaxed, designed space open to Vienna and the whole world that invites you to eat, to drink, to chat and to chill out while day turns into night.
Aperitivo at Pastamara
It's always the right time to sit back and relax with an aperitivo
Refreshing cocktails on offer, as well as the savoury delicacies that accompany them - from small pasta dishes, on the house, served exclusively from 5-7pm - to hearty panini and antipasti prepared with the finest ingredients. And what would an aperitivo be without a tray of fresh olives, shards of parmesan, artisanal bread and fruity olive oil? It's always the right time to sit back and relax with an aperitivo lungo. Cin cin!
Portrait Ciccio Sultano
Ciccio’s Cucina
Ciccio Sultano has gone on a culinary journey, picking up the choicest ingredients and the most authentic seasoning along the way, and now he’s ready to start a new chapter in his gourmet story here in Vienna. Following the successes of both his Michelin 2-star restaurant, Duomo, and his laid-back I Banchi in Ragusa, Sultano is making a new gastronomic mark with the opening of Pastamara, a stylish bar con cucina that reimagines classic Sicilian cuisine.